Compassionate Reading Instruction

Welcome to Winnie’s Place! We believe that all children can experience the joy of reading, even those who learn differently or are diagnosed with dyslexia.  We deliver reading interventions based on personalized research-based lesson plans.  Our mission is to provide your child the tools needed to become a skilled, successful reader.

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Reading Instruction and Dyslexia


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Tutoring for Reading.

Is your child struggling with reading? Have they been diagnosed with dyslexia?

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Strategy Sessions.

Questions about a school evaluation or plan for your child?

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At Winnie’s Place, we help children with dyslexia and other reading challenges build strong reading skills that lead to confidence in and out of the classroom. We firmly believe that your child deserves to be reading at the same level as their peers and are here to help them achieve their goals.

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When my son, Nick, was diagnosed with dyslexia, I started researching how to best assist him.  I had read about the Orton Gillingham method and I wanted Nick to work with someone who specialized in this approach. Therefore, I was excited when I found Winnie’s Place. My son is in kindergarten and Winnie’s patience with working through his frustrations was evident during the first session.  Nick initially expressed how hard many of the tasks were for him; however, Winnie’s caring, patient, and structured approach has really benefited him. 





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